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About LaFountain Design

LaFountain Design started out in 1998 when I <Mark LaFountain> was just a teenager. Completely self-taught, building custom websites for a local web design company in Potsdam NY. As time went on, I was promoted to head developer and salesman of said company. I took quite a few years off from web design until coming back to it in 2007. Since then LaFountain Design has been collaboration of one designer, and one salesman, getting more and more clients and orders, I grew this business to become what we are now - a web design company, which offers front- and back-end design and development, skins for different web interfaces and applications and a wide variety of custom works.

We realise how important mutual understanding, quality, cost- and time-efficiency in business are, and this is why we stick to the following rules in our services: individual approach to every client, fast response, 24/7 support, follow-up technical support and no hidden costs.


Mission Statement

LaFountain Design provides clients with web sites, identities and print media that work together to achieve a visually strong, efficient, and effective campaign with simplicity and unity. We provide high quality solutions at an affordable cost, communicate with you on your level, act with speed and integrity, and we provide exceptional resources that help you reach and inspire your target audience.