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  • Overview

    LaFountain Design makes custom designs for a variety of websites and software. We provide modern, innovative, affordable web 2.0 solutions both for individuals and companies. We design small and big sites, implement the necessary addons and functionality, integrate your site with CMS, forums, blogs, galleries, and more. Whether it's a new website, blog skin, cms skin, forum skin, e-commerce, or any other custom request, we will provide you with the top-notch quality web 2.0 layouts, programming, and relevant interactivity.

    We are committed to provide high quality web design services and cutting-edge solutions for any project. We approach each web design in an individual way and strive to provide the best services for each client. No matter how complex your project can be, our experienced website designers will be able to provide you with a solution online. We will be able to give you professional advice on how to improve your online presence and benefit from our services. We always make sure we are able to meet your needs before the order process, by sending out a comprehensive questionnaire to each and every client. That way, we can guarantee that you will receive 100% high-quality service from LaFountain Design . If you want to stand out from the crowd and have an outstanding look online, we will be happy to help you!

  • Web Design (CMS)

    LaFountain Design is proud to offer Content Managment Systems(CMS) for our customers, just like this page. With your very own CMS installed and skined by LaFountain Design, you can take advantage of todays new web 2.0 features.

    The prerequisite for the success of a website are good functionality and latest technology. With time, the website development process has gone through many changes. New technologies have evolved which have made website development a lot easier. Content management system has made the task of managing and updating a site's content very easy. In today's hyper competitive world, CMS development has become the necessity. It ensures that you stay ahead of your competitors and perform much better than them.

    CMS operates in the back-end of a website and allows website owners to manage content posted on their sites. The content can be any form like texts, pictures, music or documents. CMS web design is absolutely necessary to make a website reliable, flexible and user friendly. A website must be flexible to perform better. In order to attract more visitors, it should be user friendly. Both these features are provided by a CMS. CMS also extends the functionality of a website by providing a number of other features as well.

    CMS enhances the user experience. Since the site owner has full control over the functionality of the site, they can convey the necessary information to visitors as and when required in any way they like. With the help of CMS, you can boost the performance of your website. A CMS powered website draws more visitors and generate more sales. This eventually helps in generating more Return On Investment(ROI). CMS provides a number of features which help to extend the functionality of a website. All the features provided by a CMS help immensely in making the whole user experience quite convenient.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Print Media Design

    Exceptional graphic design and print collateral devleopment is essential to a smart marketing plan. Sure, any graphic design company can design nice promotional print media such as brochures, booklets, catalogs, direct mail advertisements and so on. But only the best graphic design firms can help you stand out in a crowd of standard and stale design.

    You need to excite the senses of your target audience. This means using high-quality materials in your print media, using innovative paper, attractive high-quality inks, and special coatings. This is the only way to make your printed peice stunning and powerful enough to have a lasting impression and inspire your audience to action. Otherwise, your collateral will simply be discarded without a second glance.

  • E-Commerce

    What kind of a business doesn't promote and sell its' products online? Ecommerce websites are a necessity for increasing your profit by reaching out to the internet world. Online purchasing is very convenient for customers, and the vendors benefit from this immensely. LaFountain Design can provide you with attractive, quality designs, which can boost your site's popularity, increase your sales and get more and more return customers. We can customize and develop your online shop the way you need, make it easy-to-use and attractive to your clients, SEO optimize it, and provide you with hosting and support for your shop!

    LaFountain Design creates and develops premium-quality, custom made ecommerce designs. We believe that any shop deserves to look professional and attractive for its' buyers. We guarantee professional services and individual approach for each and every kind of online shop project. Our company can also integrate your current website design with your shopping cart design to achieve a more consistent look for all of your pages. We strive to provide best online services for your ecommerce web site and give you professional advice on any ecommerce - related project. We always make sure we are able to meet your needs before the order process, by sending out a comprehensive questionnaire to each and every client. That way, we can guarantee that you will receive 100% high-quality service.

    BigCommerce Parter

    There are various types of online Ecommerce applications - BigCommerce, osCommerce, Zen Cart, CubeCart, Joomla shopping cart, as well as many custom-made Ecommerce software. While most of them have pre-made templates, it is not advised to use a pre-made template, if you want to give your customers a unique experience online and have them remember your shop. And this is what LaFountain Design can create for you.

  • Forums

    Whether you already have your own online community or you need to get a forum for your site, LaFountain Design will make your forum look outstanding by creating a unique skin for it, based on your preferences. Whether it's a business forum, gaming community, a fan site, we'll create a special template for it, with all the necessary graphics, icon and button packages; install the template on your server and integrate all the necessary addons. If you want to add a forum to your existing site, we can customize the forum according to your site's look.

    There are different types of forum software - VBulletin(vB), PhpBB, Simple Machines Forum(SMF), Invision Power Board(IPB), and more. Whatever forum you have, we'll be glad to help you make it look great!

  • Maintenance

    No need to worry about updating and trying to fix your own website! LaFountain Design offers you fast and efficient website maintenance services. We will update, enhance, backup and repair your site quickly and efficiently, while you can go on running your business. We will maintain the quality of your website, keeping it fresh for your return clients. If you need to add more images, new banners, new calendar events, change the content of the site, backup any important data, add new plugins and functionality, let us do it for you.

    Our website maintenance services are professional and affordable with quick turnaround and delivery times. We always have custom solutions to website functionality problems at an affordable cost. We offer professional help with any bugs or misfortunes which may happen to your site, affordable site monitoring.

    Our site monitoring is effective and professional. As soon as we receive maintenance requests, the sites get updated or fixed right away. All the website development and maintenance is being performed in a secure way, with non-disclosure of the passwords or any site information.

  • Basic Hosting

    Basic Hosting Package ($14.95/month)

    • 2 GB Storage
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • 1 Domain Name Parking
    • 2 Databases
    • 50GB Data Transfer

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